Colorful Batiks in the Mockingbird Studio Today!

November 12, 2014
Colorful Fabrics Rock!


The Polar Vortex may be outside, but inside my studio when I’m quilting it feels like Tahiti!

Tasty tropicals, fabulous florals, and a rainbow of batiks are keeping me warm while I work on a very colorful project.

Enjoy your day!

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Gorgeous Fall Sunrise over Norfork Lake, Arkansas

October 23, 2014
Beautiful Sunrise, Norfork Lake, Arkansas

Brilliant sunrise.


Where to Stay near Mountain Home Arkansas?

October 22, 2014

Well, here, of course!  Mockingbird Bay Resort welcomes walk-ins during the non-summer season.  We are located in Mountain Home, Arkansas, just south of town on Hwy 5, then Hwy 342 into Sycamore Springs.  We have cozy cabins and a boat dock on Norfork Lake.  Fully-stocked kitchens and BBQ grills make for easy and affordable meal options, too.   We are motorcycle friendly with a blacktopped resort, too!

See our website, Mockingbird Bay Resort, and come on by!  It’s always a good idea to call ahead, if possible, 870-491-5151, to double-check cabin availability.

See you here!  :)

Room Rental Mountain Home AR

Cabin Lodging in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Where to Stay in Mountain Home, Motorcycles Welcome!

October 21, 2014
Met 4 nice guys on the road with motorcycles.

Met 4 nice guys on the road with motorcycles.

bikers1 bikers2

We welcome Walk-Ins!  (FYI:  Check-in is before 7 pm…and it’s probably a good idea to call ahead, if possible, to make sure we have availability for you).  870-491-5151

We have a paved resort — and we’ll give you the choice of either parking your bikes under the carport or parking your bikes near your cabin on a flat level spot…it’s entirely up to you.

So stop by for 1 night (or 2) and break up a roadtrip.  We’d be happy to have you!

Excited to be in GAFF Magazine, Striper Fishing, Norfork Lake!

October 15, 2014
Mockingbird Bay Resort in GAFF

Page 32 in Oct GAFF Magazine

Ozark Mountains Fall Foliage Autumn Colors…

September 14, 2014

Ozark Fall Foliage 2014

…will be on the way in the next short weeks.  Leaf-peepers get ready!  Book your cabin now for the mid-to-late October timeframe.  :)


Schedule some getaway time with your BFF!  Fall is a fantastic time to enjoy a cozy cabin in the woods!  See you here!  :)


August 25, 2014

Brrrr!  Between Frank’s overkill of the ice, and Val’s stirring of the water to make it colder…I had a fleeting sense that I might feasibly have a heart attack over this.  But, alas, we all survived.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Here’s to helping bring awareness of the dreaded degenerative neurotransmitter disease of the brain and spinal cord known as ALS.  May there one day be a cure…