Excited to be in GAFF Magazine, Striper Fishing, Norfork Lake!

October 15, 2014
Mockingbird Bay Resort in GAFF

Page 32 in Oct GAFF Magazine

Ozark Mountains Fall Foliage Autumn Colors…

September 14, 2014

Ozark Fall Foliage 2014

…will be on the way in the next short weeks.  Leaf-peepers get ready!  Book your cabin now for the mid-to-late October timeframe.  :)


Schedule some getaway time with your BFF!  Fall is a fantastic time to enjoy a cozy cabin in the woods!  See you here!  :)


August 25, 2014

Brrrr!  Between Frank’s overkill of the ice, and Val’s stirring of the water to make it colder…I had a fleeting sense that I might feasibly have a heart attack over this.  But, alas, we all survived.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Here’s to helping bring awareness of the dreaded degenerative neurotransmitter disease of the brain and spinal cord known as ALS.  May there one day be a cure…


Reserve Your Cabin Now for Summer 2015!

July 30, 2014
Our cabins book up fast for the summer months...now is the time to call and book, if you want to stay at Mockingbird Bay June, July, or August.

Our cabins book up fast for the summer months…now is the time to call and book, if you want to stay at Mockingbird Bay June, July, or August.

Quality Lodging & Commitment to Service, Along With Honest Transparency…

July 4, 2014

…that’s what we strive for here at Mockingbird Bay.   I’ve been told we’re a little bit nicer, a little bit more supportive, a little bitmore positive, a little bit more sincere, and a little bit more helpful, and an exceptional value.  :)

M-O-R-E….yes we are, and it’s a great thing!!!

The bottom line is:  You’ll be more satisfied.

After all — we all know:

Quality Resort Best Value Cabins on Lake Norfork


Smiles all around…that’s what we’re about!!!

Crystal Clean Swimming Pool at Mockingbird

Happy Guests Going to the Lake

Mockingbird Boat Rentals and Cabins

Smiles:  We love them!

See you here!  Cheers!

Mockingbird's Awesome Boat Dock

Cozy One-Bedroom Rental Cabin on Norfork Lake

June 24, 2014

A quick (…VERY quick!…) tour of little Cabin #4, our 1-bedroom at Mockingbird Bay Resort on Norfork Lake in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  Reaching out to those folks who are feeling a bit overworked, perhaps even frazzled, and feel like they’re needing a vacation!

De-stress by our swimming pool, or fish off our 12-stall boat dock. You can rent a pontoon, too!  Grill a steak (or the fish you caught) in our BBQ pavilion!  Did I mention we have free WIFI?!

Seize the day — plan some down time for you and a loved one!  You’ll be so glad you did!


Norfork Lake Boat Ride with Me!

June 15, 2014

Just a little taste of the beauty of Norfork Lake — from Mockingbird Bay Resort.

Why stay here? Why are we distinctive? Why do our customers love us? And why do they keep coming back again and again?

…those are some really good questions!

So I started thinking…There are a few things that relate ONLY to Mockingbird Bay Resort:
1. Only here can you find Frank’s and my “sparkling” personalities! LOL
2. Only we are “customer service Ninjas”!
3. Only we have a cleaning lady (me) trained by a Marine (Frank).
4. Only we have no other resort neighbors…We are IT.
5. Only we have a Log House with the view of the Norfork Dam.
6. Only we have a blacktopped/paved, motorcycle-friendly resort…which is also stroller and bike friendly BTW.
7. Only we were brought here because of 9-11.
8. Only we are located smack dab in Norfork Lake’s “Prime Fishing Zone.”

You can’t get this from anyone other than Mockingbird! So there you have it — 7 unique and rather unusual if not bizarre reasons to book your cabin HERE with us. :)

See you here! Cheers!