Faceful of Cobweb

It’s THAT  time of year again…  Forget the phrase, “watch your step.”   In the Ozarks, in October, you’d better have your eyes a lot higher up, to watch where your face is going.  Nothing pumps the adrenaline quite like walking face-first into a large, intricately-woven, 8-pound-test, spider web and having it wrap around your face.   (A trip to the chiropractor is usually warranted afterwards.)  Luckily, of all the times that I’ve had a faceful of cobweb, there has never been an inhabitating spider in it, that I know of — Thank goodness for small mercies.

…Now, what’s the chiropractor’s number?…

One Response to Faceful of Cobweb

  1. Sue says:

    Loretta, your pictures are giving me the heebie jeebies. I can actually see this scenario playing out in my mind, yikes! May all the webs you should happen to come in contact with be uninhabited ones!

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