Patriot Soldier

Well a big Hurrah for the Salvation Army and some good ol’ fashioned ingenuity… Valory’s patriot soldier uniform is ready for her Pre-AP History class Revolutionary War re-enactment.  

The Patriot Soldier hat was found at Wal-Mart (thankfully, it is Halloween and Jack Sparrow is still “In”).  The red suit jacket from the Salvation Army ($3), did come out of the laundry a bit funky, as it was Dry-Clean Only, but for the money, it is definitely good enough.  She’s wearing white capri sweats inside-out to hide a large logo printed on the leg.  All we needed were buttons at the bottom, and thanks to a black Sharpie marker, there are 5 “buttons” now!.  A white eyelet vest (Salvation Army, $1.50) is under the red jacket.  White Walmart knee socks are coupled with a pair of my old black boots.  For the very military criss-cross stuff on the chest, we found two duffle bags up in the closet, and jacked the shoulder straps, linked them together, and Viola.  Another cool Salvation Army find: A super-long belt with interesting metal detailing on it adds to the military officialness.  (Val even stated, “Who would have thought a fat-man belt would look so good on a patriot soldier uniform!”)   A remnant of black fabric from my quilting stash was cut in strips to for the bow on her ponytail, and a sort of ascot neck tie thingy in front of her neck.  The essential Patriot knapsack is a purse from Auntie Rachel.  Fabulous!


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