A Little Too Much Excitement

“This is a Blog Moment!”  How many times have we said that over the past few months?!  Surprisingly, quite a few times, usually during uproarios laughter, and of course, as luck has it, NO CAMERA AVAILABLE. 

Oh, by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!   I hope and pray that 2009 will be a very happy, healthy, and prosperity-filled year for all of us.

Yesterday, was a rather unusual day.  It started out quiet, and Frank was over on the resort side burning a mountain-sized pile of tree clippings, leaves, and landscape remnants, as he’s been working on the section of land next to the fire pit.  He’s unearthed a ton of big decorative rocks, and repositioned them.  He’s trimmed the big unruly bushes over there — Now called Bonzai Bushes, because he likes to trim the bases high-and-tight, exposing the lower branches.  The whole area over by the picnic tables and playground looks so manicured and lovely now.

I was in my usual position — typing in my office, wearing my most comfy and unfashionable home-alone-attire, with hair tied up in a knot and secured with a pencil.

 But anyway, getting back to the burning…. Well, a powerful gust of wind captured my attention, so I decided to go over and double-check on Frank — and make sure he was closely watching the fire.  Wouldn’t want to have a problem and burn down the resort.  Well, everything was fine.  Yes, it was intermittently gusty, but the big stuff had burned down now, and the pile was mostly smoking and smoldering.   Guests in Cabin #4, Jim and Carol, were getting married on the dock shortly — in fact, they were just waiting for the Justice of the Peace to arrive.  Meanwhile, in the distance, I could hear the wail of sirens, and I thought to myself, “Hmm, something is going on…I wonder who the sirens are for.”

Upon returning to the house, I noticed a flashing light on our answering machine.   It was a rather panicked voice saying, “HEY, I COULD REALLY USE FRANK Z RIGHT NOW, MY GRASS FIRE GOT OUTTA CONTROL!”, then hung up.   “Who in the heck?”, I thought.  Then it dawned on me that the voice was Dad (who lives up the road), and then I put 2 and 2 together — the fire engine sirens were obviously for him.

I ran to the balcony and screamed to Frank, that Dad needed him.  “Please come quickly!”   He sped over on the golf cart, and I tossed his truck keys down to him.  Off he flew in his truck, up the road, where he met the fire trucks which had accidentally missed Dad’s house… So he redirected them back in the other direction, and they all fought the grass fire together until it was extinguished.  Much of Mom and Dad’s “back 40” is black and charred.  Luckily, Dad was able to use the garden hose to protect the house, and the wind carried the flames down the hill towards the lake. 

Once the fire was out, a very tired, dirty, and smokey Frank came home — just in time to welcome the Justice of the Peace who’d arrived to marry Jim and Carol.   She was a lovely older lady, but spry enough to get onto the dock.  I had been volunteered to be the wedding photographer.  Frank was wrangled into being the “ring bearer/best man”.   It was windy and cold, but partly sunny — and as I snapped photos of the happy couple, I could hardly stop from laughing at what a sight we were:  Frank in his firefighting best;  me in my Ugg boots and yoga pants (I ditched the #2-pencil-hair-accessory); the happy couple all spit-shined and spiffy; and Grandma Justice of the Peace who was dutifully droning in such a serious tone, “We are all gathered here together…” in her thick Arkansas twang.

Wedding on the dock in January!  …A definite FIRST.  

What a day!   Doubtful it’ll be repeated. 

I love this job.


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