Watercolor Dog

Here’s my first attempt at using watercolors — this is our miniature pincher, Boschey.   I’m sure it’s considered hideous to some, but I really like it.  And it was fun to do.   I really would like an art class someday… Watercolor, oils, pastels, or anything having to do with the study of color, or capturing light in a painting.  What fun!  (…but who has the time?)    Although, this picture of Boschey took all of 15 minutes to make.  Goes to show that a few minutes of creativity, and enjoyment, and doing something fun can make you happy.

I’m happy!

Take a few minutes today to count your blessings and do something fun for you… Try making a watercolor portrait of YOUR dog.  😉

P.S. And, yes, that little, short, nubby thing sticking out on the left is his tail!


2 Responses to Watercolor Dog

  1. Chocomaniac says:

    You did an EXCELLENT job; especially for a beginner!

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