Bass Cat Tournament, Norfork Lake 2009

Welcome BassCat Anglers! We still have a couple of cabins available during the tournament. Call us for details, 870-491-5151.

Meanwhile, here’s a nice article about Norfork Lake from the Baxter Bulletin newspaper (copy/paste into a fresh browser)…

Basically, to paraphrase: Fishing’s gonna be awesome!

The Mountain Home area is still the No. 1 best place to live in the U.S. for hunting and fishing.
A state biologist says that the stuff that made the two lakes good places to fish in years past is even more abundant this year. “We had a great spawn.
The giant flood a year ago put the lake shorelines deep into forested areas around the lakes providing near perfect spawning beds and cover for fry to hide from predator fish, said Shirley.
The crappie fry are now about 3 inches long and premium cuisine for the bass that came from the 2002 spawn, Shirley said.
The biologists say the big bonanza for bass anglers this summer are the fish produced in the 2002 spawn. “Those fish are big now — 4 to 6 pounds — and there’s plenty of them,” said Shirley. “Bass anglers are more likely to catch a big bass now than at just about any time before.”
The lake is heavy with threadfin shad — the lake’s most important forage for striped bass and other predator fish, said Shirley. “There’s tons of shad out there right now,” he said.
Last year’s flood also provided needed cover and nutrients for the black bass spawn in both lakes. Growing conditions were ideal for bass fry in both lakes, so much so that the year-old fish are already 8 to 10 inches long and capable of vying for the baits anglers throw for bigger fish.
“We’re going to have some good fishing this year. If they were saying we’re No. 1 last year, I guarantee you we’re still there.”


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