A Bit of History

Lana, Virginia, Lori

Lana, Virginia, Lori

Yesterday, I had the sheer pleasure of meeting Virginia Zuck, Lana Dahl, and Lori Zuck. The Zucks are previous owners of Mockingbird Bay Resort. LeRoy and Virginia Zuck were owners of our resort from 1978 through 1987 — and it was so nice to walk through the property and the cabins comparing notes with each other and sharing interesting resort memories. Small resort owners do feel a certain kindred spirit. Only a resort owner (or resort owner’s family members) can fully relate and sympathize to unusual guest stories, odd characters, super-nice repeat guests, ‘weird’ people, guests-turned-friends, guests-turned-family, and even leopard Speedos left behind! I wish we could have all chatted longer! They now reside in Iowa, and in fact, as I understand it, this was Virginia’s first trip back to her old stomping ground in a very long time. It’s my hope that we met with her approval as current owners of this awesome piece of God’s Country.
Y’all are welcome to return here anytime! Thanks for sharing!

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