Code of Ethics for Fishing?

images4Is it just me? Or should there be a certain code of ethics amongst local fishermen, such that they don’t constantly fish the brushpiles of private docks?!

I am so annoyed.

Three local fishermen like to pull their shiny, metal-flake-painted fishing boat up alongside our dock, and catch fish one-after-another. Now, I do regretfully realize that I do NOT own the fish in Norfork Lake. However…we spend a lot of TIME and ENERGY and MONEY taking care of our dock, sinking brush piles, etc., so that our PAYING GUESTS, not local-yokels, not neighbors, not acquaintences, can have some fun catching fish off the dock. Which is why when I see this really fat guy yanking fish-after-fish, it makes me grouchy. Heck – they have the ENTIRE expanse of Norfork Lake! Yet, they fish our dock! Not cool!

Makes me insane!

No laws protect us. Unless these guys are “touching our private property” — there is nothing we can do. (Oh, if I only had a helicopter-flying license — you can guess whose house I’d be hovering over!) Same thing!

I pray they’ll find another place to fish.

And in the meantime, I choose to vent on my blog.

Thanks for listening.


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