Hook and Hunt TV.com Liked Our Lake

0904090023Jim Crowley from Hook and Hunt TV.com was at Norfork Lake last week. Read below!


As I eluded to earlier, we just returned from a whirlwind trip to Norfork Lake in Arkansas. You will be seeing two segments in coming weeks from our trip. I need you to do a couple things for us. First, tell all you know, (I’m not kidding on this!) and then, make it a point to consider going to Norfork Lake. I have been blessed to fish a lot of great places from Canada to Mexico etc., However, Norfork Lake, without question, is the best fresh water multi-specie fishing I have ever experienced. The weather was uncooperative and inconsistent, very unusual there this time of year, and the results were still incredible. If your a bass fisherman, and don’t go to Lake Norfork, your nuts! We caught large mouth, small mouth and mean Kentucky spotted bass all in one day. MONSTER size crappie, too many white bass to count and wait till you see the striper action. The Norfork Lake area is an undiscovered gem. A diamond in the rough, so to speak…
Special thanks goes to the Norfork Lake Chamber of Commerce. http://www.norforklakechamber.com


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