Boro Bead Glass Class

What fun I had yesterday at a borosilicate glass class at Morning Star Glass Studio! I made glass beads on a lynx torch using boro glass (which is very different than the Moretti glass and Hot Head torch that I’m used to), and then we made pendant necklaces out of several of our beads using sterling silver chain. Sharon, the owner, surprised us with a delicious birthday keylime pie for me…and we all laughed as her two donkeys begged through the glass door just like pet dogs.

Boro Glass on Lynx Torch

Boro Glass on Lynx Torch

Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver Chain
Keylime Pie & Begging Donkeys

Keylime Pie & Begging Donkeys


3 Responses to Boro Bead Glass Class

  1. LZ says:

    Frank says my beads look just like fishing weights!!

  2. Tracy J says:

    Hilarious – love the cute donkeys. Did they get any pie, I wonder? đŸ™‚

  3. shredda77 says:

    No keylime pie for the donkeys… sorry to say.

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