Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary

Bday_CakeIt’s amazing to me how fast a year can go by! Today marks my one-year anniversary for A Day at The Bay.

Looking back at the past year’s postings and photos, it reminds me of all the wonderful people who we’ve had the privilege to have here at the resort; the fabulous fish tales; the natural wonders encountered; how much the kids have grown; the difficulties with things at the resort including the record ice storm last winter… Wow… Time sure does march on.

So anybody who wants to celebrate A Day at The Bay may do so by having some cake and champagne (provided for yourself, by yourself). While I virtually *clink* my glass to yours, let’s toast to another year celebrating and documenting A Day at The Bay — as I will continue to provide glimpses into the various resort happenings and other odds-and-ends of the Zortman family day.

Thanks for reading!


2 Responses to Happy 1-Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Emma F says:

    Congratulations on another great Year.

  2. Natalie says:

    I just noticed your blog page. Awesome, Loretta. What a nice way for me to stay even a little more connected with you. And makes me yearn to visit you all the more. Keep up the great work.

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