At the Basketball Game

Our German relative, Hannah, 18 years old, pictured here furthest to the right, just arrived from her homeland for a 3-month visit to America for the first time ever.

Last night, she experienced Wal-Mart for the first time (was amazed at the large sizes of goods, giant shampoos, huge store, etc.). She ate her first taco at Taco Bell after a quick tutorial. She saw the gym and watched Lianna play some racquetball — is looking forward to playing soon, too!

We attended a school basketball game, complete with cheerleaders (which Germany does not have). She was very curious about the cheerleaders — “Why do they say Y-E-L-L?”, she asked me…

I must admit, for a moment, I wished we had a different school mascot or sports team name. Why, oh, why couldn’t we just be the Panthers, or the Jaguars, or the BlueJays. No. Mountain Home is home of The Bombers. The Bombers. Complete with a real bomber airplane on a pedestal in front of the high school. So, I rather self-consciously tried to apologetically explain to this sweet German girl… It’s just a team name.


Hannah is very fun and open; enthusiastic to try new things.

Hopefully, tomorrow, she will be able to attend school all day with the girls. That should be blog-worthy for her — She is going to hang out amongst The Bombers.

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