Off to School

Hannah will be a Bomber today at the Mountain Home High School! Lianna will take her to her first class, and then Valory is very excited to take Hannah to her German class. They all 3 will have lunch together in the cafeteria — and heaven HELP whatever is on the lunch menu today… but she’s eating it. And then Val will have her for the remainder of the day. (I can’t wait to hear about her first impressions of an American school…)

Yesterday, Hannah’s eyes were wide with absolute amazement when Frank went to the bank through the drive-thru. (Apparently, there are no drive-thru windows at the banks in Germany.) She thought that was just theee coolest thing — better than all of Home Depot. She also had to whip out her camera to capture a picture of a foot-long chili cheese dog from Dairy Queen… The girls did a little shopping at a fun antique store on the square, called Twisted Sisters, and then off they went to Wednesday youth services at First Baptist, which does have rather loud music — like a rock concert…”VERY different!”

Hannah brought her own laptop computer from home and is enthusiastically reporting back to her friends and family all her adventures. Was so funny: She carried her computer to the deck and pointed the webcam at the view, so her friends back in Germany could see the lake!

Later today, after school, Valory is going to introduce Hannah to the German foreign-exchange student, Luisa, and they will all go to eat somewhere — not sure where. Luisa has been in Mountain Home since August, and she returns back to Germany in about a month… I’m glad today is a sunny, warm day. I’m hoping they all have a great experience. I’ll keep y’all posted!





One Response to Off to School

  1. Emma F says:

    I was laughing away reading this because it feels as though I am reliving my first visit to the USA all over again. I could not believe it when I saw a drive through cash point at the bank – just amazing, so much so that when I brought the kids 12 years later I took them to a drive through drug store, banks and Dunkin Dounuts. Truly, if I lived in the USA now I’d be 10,000 lbs in weight. One of those Mamma’s that need hauling out the house with a crane 🙂

    Loving the blog.

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