The Fish are Bitin’

I have been fishing with James since 1993 and we try to make at least one annual trip for some of the best fishing and scenery you could ever imagine. There are many things that cannot be controlled such as weather, moon phase, lake levels, but the one thing you can count on with James is an upbeat personality and 110% effort to get fish in the boat. When your wife asks you “When do we get to go fishing again with James?”, You know he is doing something right, so enough said. I encourage anyone looking for a great relaxing fishing experience to give James a call and you will not be disappointed. In addition, this is a great event for your Co-Workers to show them appreciation for a job well done and I highly recommend this. The Mockingbird Resort is an excellent place to book your rooms for large groups and James will pick you up right at the dock.

Thanks Again and Look Forward to Our Next Trip
Kevin Suellentrop

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