Rick and Peggy Tie the Knot

The plan today was to have Rick and Peggy get married on the Mockingbird Bay Resort boat dock, or more specifically, swim deck. However, Mother Nature had something else on her mind, like torrential rain, straight-line winds, lightning, thunder and, did I mention, torrential rain?! The Justice of the Peace arrived amidst the downpour — and it was then that Frank suggested that the nuptials be held on our 5th Floor, and they were. Here’s to a beautiful bride and a handsome groom!

Getting Married! 04/24/2010

The Rings

...With This Ring, I Thee Wed...


You May Kiss the Bride

Congratulations Rick and Peggy!! Wishing you many happy years together from all of us at Mockingbird Bay!


One Response to Rick and Peggy Tie the Knot

  1. Helen Wilkie says:

    Thanks for making Rick and Peggy feel special and for a wonderful time,for them both.Mother of the groom.

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