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We welcomed The Bias Bunch (“…just slightly off straight of grain…”) who were here for a 2-day quilt retreat in the Lake House. Such a nice group of talented quilters (several ladies not pictured, sorry!) from the Hill & Hollow Quilt Guild in Mountain Home.

3 Responses to Quilt Retreat

  1. Vicki Kauth says:

    What a great site for a quilting retreat! The main room of the Lake House was perfect for our “studio,” and we converted one bedroom into a spa for our masseuse. Loretta and Frank we so welcoming. In the words of the Governator, “We’ll be back!”

  2. Marlene Gwaltney says:

    Thanks Loretta and Frank for letting us have the run of the place for our quilt retreat. Cabins were great and we had a wonderful time.

  3. shredda77 says:

    You guys are WELCOME anytime! 🙂

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