Staycations — There’s a Trend

Time for Family Connections

It seems to me that people are looking to vacation closer to home these days… trying to travel with less hassle, at a slower pace, with a less ambitious activity schedule. Sounds like a trip to The Bay is just what’s needed. I’ll be happy to help you be “Blackberry Free” while you’re here. (Goodness knows there’s a trek up the hill in store for you, if you don’t have Verizon — we are contemplating building a gazebo up there, for Cell Phone Central…)

Vacation does come with incredible “social bragging rights”, and these rights go up when others are less likely to have gone where you have travelled. So explore what’s in your own backyard and doesn’t require a passport or even airtravel to get to. Come see us — spend some leisure time at The Bay. If you feel like exploring the lake or canoeing the river, we’ll be happy to help you. If you’d rather sit peacefully on the dock and soak up some sun, or watch for bald eagles, then you really won’t need our help with that. In essence, in our small town and with this gorgeous lake, you’ll pick your own pace…

Isn’t that what a fun and fulfilling vacation is all about?


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