Norfork Lake High Water 2011

A FULL lake, we have — that’s for sure. The level this morning is 579.62 (top of Flood Pool is 580). We’ll be fine here at Mockingbird, as our dock is accessible, George’s Cove is boat launchable, and many of our guests have experienced high water at Norfork Lake before. Yes, the fish are still biting, the birds are still singing, and the scenery is still Ozark-awesome! I DO worry a bit for the poor folks down-river below the dam, though, as they are at the mercy of the Corps of Engineers as well as Mother Nature, which is not a good combo… I hope they’ll be okay. BTW, if you fish the river right now, you may catch lake species fish!

Feel free to call, if you have any questions, 870-491-5151. We’ll be happy to talk to you.

Mockingbird Bay Resort Dock w/ High Water

The Foot Path

Catchin' Smallies

Fishermen staying in our Lake House

Beautiful Singing Bird

Now back to Mockingbird Bay Resort


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