BassCat Fishing Derby Norfork Lake

T’was a rainy, stormy afternoon yesterday on Norfork Lake for Day #1 of the Bass Cat Fishing Tournament/Derby put on by local resort owners, but nothing a little rain gear couldn’t remedy. Fishing teams from all over participated in the Derby and came to the Cranfield Park pavilion at the end of day-1 carrying their catch to weigh-in their fish.

Today, Day #2 of the Derby, was a gorgeous day. See the final results at this link…

First place winners were Hannaford/Cooley with total weight of 24.14 pounds!

BassCat Teams, Fishing Derby, Norfork Lake

Coming to Weigh-In Their Catch

Bringing in the Fish

The Initial Fish Turn-in Station

The Fish Weigh-In

Arkansas Game and Fish tank onsite -- They will release fish back into the lake

See more pictures on Facebook under Mockingbird Bay Resort — I have posted a whole album there. (Might as well become a Fan, while you’re at it!) 🙂


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