Rather Sensational

Listen to the sound of the cicadas synonymous with an Arkansas summer. Scan the shoreline for a lucky sight — A majestic bald eagle. The water of Norfork Lake is pristinely clear and silky smooth, warm and inviting. We can see an occasional pontoon boat go by, wayyyyy off in the distance. Meanwhile, the gals enjoy floating on noodles, and the guys man the BBQ and ice chests. All the while, the delicious aroma of BBQ chicken wafts over the dock, and a portable radio twangs out a little Lynyrd Skynyrd. A perfect Norfork Lake day –Hot sun, gentle breeze, cold beverage, great friends and much laughter. Yes, a rather sensational summer day in the Ozarks.

Now back to Mockingbird Bay Resort


One Response to Rather Sensational

  1. Teresa Crosby says:

    Loretta this SO sounds like our calm, relaxing vacation at Mockingbird Bay last week. We ALL miss it SO much. You have a little peace of heaven!

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