Huge Fan of the Olympics, Woo-HOO!


Tonight is the kickoff of the Olympics in Sochi, and we are pumped! Gotta LOVE the Olympics! Besides being a nice diversion to the rather sucky winter weather we’ve been enduring in Arkansas lately, my family and I are so excited to watch the competitions unfold with the various Olympic athletes. Having spent a large part of my youth and young adult life shredding on ski slopes, working as a ski bum for a California ski area, and doing a little racing myself…I’m so looking forward to the skiing, jumping, downhill racing, moguls, and snowboard events. I think speed skating is also super exciting! Anything that is measured objectively with a stopwatch is my cup-o-tea. As much as I used to like figure skating, the whole unfair/biased/political subjective judging scenario always gets my goat and at the end of the night, I end up pissed off — so of course, I’ll watch, but I don’t have any high hopes of anything different happening this year. Also, I’ve gotta be honest — I’m still trying to acquire a taste for the “excitement” of Curling…but I’ll watch it. We are definitely hoping for a safe, non-violent, non-politically-charged venue…fingers crossed, many prayers, and high hopes for that, for sure! So to all you Olympic Nuts out there…Cheers! We’ll be watching, too!


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