Happy Valentines’ Day Floral Watercolor Heart Quilt

A floral heart to brighten your day!

A floral heart to brighten your day!

Just a reminder that Valentines’ Day is only a few short days away! …What’s on the agenda for you on this special day?

For those of us who are looking forward to Spring in a big way, I recently made this quilted wallhanging of a floral heart out of 2-inch squares of fabric. It’s called Butterscotch Heart, because of the warm yellow fabrics I chose for the center. You can find this for sale on Etsy under my shop called Color Me Country, along with other floral watercolor/impressionist style quilts as well.

Watercolor impressionist art quilts are made with a color pallet made up of a whole slew of different fabrics. First, I have to cut fabric into 2-inch squares, then I put the various squares up on my design wall and arrange, re-arrange, re-rearrange, flip, switch, swivel, turn, replace, and replace, and replace them until I’m happy with what I see. I usually like to “live” with the piece like this for a day or so on my design wall, just pondering what I see to make sure I’m happy and satisfied with everything. The danger with waiting at this stage of creation is: A little breeze, a mischievous cat, small children, or a well-meaning visitor can destroy the piece in just seconds flat! For instance, I learned firsthand, don’t place your design wall in direct line with the output of an air conditioner vent — I did, and it blew all my fabric squares off the wall onto the floor. Anyway, once I’m ready to “commit”, I then sew the squares together, and it’s bound and quilted, with a hanging sleeve built in the back for ease of hanging. Viola!!!

This is a great Valentines’ gift, Mother’s Day present, or just a little unique something for that person who loves gardening, flowers, bright colors, happy fabrics, or just to cheer up a corner of a wall.

Cheers to the arrival of Spring-like weather!!!!

If you’d like to book a cabin rental, just let me know…870-491-5151.

Loretta Z.


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