Gorgeous Day on Norfork Lake

T’was a beautiful day on Lake Norfork yesterday!  I could see some of our guests out fishing in the bay; folks were swimming over at George’s Cove; the pool was the hangout spot of the afternoon… All was well in the Land of Mockingbird Bay!

Pretty Day on Norfork Lake Arkansas

Flip the calendar to JUNE!  Whoa, how time flies!  Be sure to take note of a Mockingbird Web Special for the first 2 weeks of June…for large cabins only.  What a perfect opportunity to come and enjoy a quaint cabin — any length of stay is accepted from now up until June 21st.  Feel free to call 870-491-5151 to inquire about availability.

If you’d like a fishing guide, just let me know.  If you’d like to rent a pontoon, I’ve gotcha covered.  See our website, blog, and Facebook page — and then hope to see ya here!

Have a great Monday!  Cheers!

By Loretta Zortman

Guests of Mockingbird Fishing the Bay

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