Norfork Lake Boat Ride with Me!

Just a little taste of the beauty of Norfork Lake — from Mockingbird Bay Resort.

Why stay here? Why are we distinctive? Why do our customers love us? And why do they keep coming back again and again?

…those are some really good questions!

So I started thinking…There are a few things that relate ONLY to Mockingbird Bay Resort:
1. Only here can you find Frank’s and my “sparkling” personalities! LOL
2. Only we are “customer service Ninjas”!
3. Only we have a cleaning lady (me) trained by a Marine (Frank).
4. Only we have no other resort neighbors…We are IT.
5. Only we have a Log House with the view of the Norfork Dam.
6. Only we have a blacktopped/paved, motorcycle-friendly resort…which is also stroller and bike friendly BTW.
7. Only we were brought here because of 9-11.
8. Only we are located smack dab in Norfork Lake’s “Prime Fishing Zone.”

You can’t get this from anyone other than Mockingbird! So there you have it — 7 unique and rather unusual if not bizarre reasons to book your cabin HERE with us. 🙂

See you here! Cheers!

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